Great Blue Herron
Bald Eagles

The Greenway is a wonderful place to view birds. The local Audubon Society hosts regular outings along the Poppoff Trail at the southern end of the Greenway (more info). Below are just a few of the birds you may find along the Greenway. We'll be changing this list periodically, so please check back!

Bald Eagles are common viistors to the Greenway during the winter.  They hunt for fish high from perches in trees above the river.  An adult is pictured here but you may also see juvenile bald eagles.

Great Blue Herrons may be seen wading in the river and ponds along the Greenway. Their diet is mainly fish in the warm months; they are field hunting "mousers" in the winter. 

Great Blue Herrons nest in colonies called rookeries.

Mallards are also a familiar site in city parks.  They are abundant in the Northern Hemisphere.  Their call is "quack... quack... quack".

Canada Geese are common in city parks and fields, where they graze on lawns and crop stubble.

They may be seen migrating overhead in

March and April.  Their call is a loud "honk... honk... honk".

Canada Geese

Birds of the Greenway

The Belted Kingfisher dives for fish and may be seen in trees and bushes along the river.  It has a rattling call.  The female can be indentified by her rusty belly band.

Belted Kingfisher


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