Junior Gap2Gap Course


Ages 7-8 will run 3/4 of a mile. Ages 9-12 will run a total of 1 mile. Ages 13-14 will run 3 miles. The course runs north on the Greenway Path from Sarg Hubbard Park. Runners stay to the right on pathway. 



The course runs Soult along the pathway. Distances are approximately 1.4 miles for ages 7-8, 2.5 miles for ages 9-12 and 6 miles for

ages 13-14. ANSI approved helmets are required.


Steeple Chase:

Jump, potato sack, hoola hoop.


Water Course:

(Ages 7-8 do not participate in this leg.) The course is run on the Reflection Pond located at Robertson Amphitheatre. Ages 9-12 circle the smaller course once and ages 13-14 will circle the bigger. The course will be marked with buoys. Boats and paddles will be provided to all participants by the Gap2Gap. Wearing of a US Coast Guard type I or III PFD and ANSI approved helmet is mandatory. PFDs must remain on until after the exchange is complete.


Obstacle Course:

Contained within Sarg Hubbard Park. (Including a slip n slide) All Ages. No cleated or spiked shoes. Water involved and you will get wet.


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