Greenway Staff

Maintenance Supervisor : Crissy Maesner

Maintenance : Dan & Jerod Pulliam

Executive Director : Kellie Connaughton

2023 Greenway Board of Directors

Executive Board

Mamie Barboza- President

Will Hollingbery- President Elect

Konner Hopkins- Past President

Evan Anderson- Treasurer

Courtney Beckler- Secretary

Board of Directors

Steve Wilmes

Sheri Brockway

Mike Battle

Richard Frye, II

Shannon Mahre

David Paulson

Frank Purdy

Dr. John Place

John Rennie

Mackenzie Franke

Michele Pescador

Richard Betancourt

Gina Desmarais

Ron Anderson

Ex-Officio Directors

Alan Adolf- YVCOG

Jeff Watson-YVCOG

Amanda McKinney- County Commissioner

Sandy Dailey- City of Union Gap

Holly Cousens- City of Yakima

Kellie Connaughton- Executive Director

Endowment Board Officers and Board of Directors 2023

Hamilton Licht - President

Curtis Sundquist - Vice President

Sean Kinney - Treasurer

Ellen Jackson

Paul Schaake

Charlie Eglin

Steve Wilmes

Konner Hopkins

Tara Lewis


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