Rotary Playground at the Greenway

This past summer, the three Yakima Rotary clubs, along with Yakima Rotary Trust joined together to replace the love-worn historic McGuire Playground, which was nearly 28 years old. We are so proud of our new community playground and we know that it will entertain families for many generations to come. 

With the help of an estimated 700 community members and more than 6,400 volunteer hours our community came together to put this new playground together in record-breaking heat, over an 11 day period.

Thank you to everyone that helped make this happen. Words can honestly not express how much appreciate each and every one of you.


Interested in visiting the new playground? 

Check out the map below to figure out which route you would like to take to the new Rotary Playground at the Greenway. It's #5 on the map key -- but keep in mind that there is not a parking area at the playground. You will have to either park at Rotary Lake or Sarge Hubbard Park and then walk along our beautiful Greenway to get to the playground.

Bring snacks or even a picnic and spend a few hours enjoying this new structure with your entire family. And don't fret, there are picnic tables and restrooms for your convenience at the Playground as well.


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