Keeping something in good shape can be expensive and we depend on your financial and volunteer support to make this happen. 

We cannot do it without YOU!

We use community donations to repair, improve and preserve our 20 miles of trails, lakes and parks. 

To us, a $50 donation is just as important as a $500,000 donation.


Maintain a Mile TODAY!

Your donations will fuel our maintenance carts for daily trail upkeep, purchase supplies to repair potholes, pay for repairs and maintenance of our snow removal equipment, and help fund litter pickup and landscaping projects along the rivers.

  • $25 : Quarter Mile
  • $100 : 1 Mile
  • $500 : 5 Miles
  • $1000 : 10 Miles
  • $2000 : 20 Miles

Donate Now!

Donate to the Endowment

The Yakima Greenway Endowment was established to take care of the Greenway tomorrow and forever. Unlike membership dues, which provide for maintenance of the Greenway today, funds raised for the Endowment are held for the future of the Greenway.

For more information and to donate, please contact Kellie

The Endowment has 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, so gifts can be planned to maximize savings of your income, gift and estate taxes.

Planned gifts include present gifts that fund the Endowment now and deferred gifts that are committed now but not available until some time in the future.

The Greenway is happy to work with your financial advisor and/or attorney to provide necessary information and paperwork for your gift.

Other Ways to Give

Outright Gifts

A donation of cash or property.  The gift may be completed in a single transaction or pledged to be paid over a period of time.


You may make a provision in your will for a portion of your estate to go to the Yakima Greenway Endowment. Bequests can be made in the form of money, property, or charitable remainder trusts with contingencies for survivors.

Real Estate

Gifts of real estate may be made outright or included in a charitable remainder trust as a retained life estate or a bargain sale.

Gift Annuities

A contract between the donor and the Greenway which allows the donor to contribute cash or other property to the Greenway in exchange for a specified amount paid to the donor at stated intervals for life.

Remainder Unitrusts & Annuity Trusts

Provide a fixed annual income to the donor. Assets remaining at the time of the donor's death are transferred to the Yakima Greenway Endowment.


Please call 509 453-8280 ext 101 for more information!

For more information and to donate, please contact Kellie

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